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What is an online prescription ordering service?

We understand you may not feel comfortable coming into the pharmacy and waiting to collect your prescription. That is why we have introduced our online prescription ordering service. This is a free and easy way for you to order your prescription from the comfort of your home. You can order one off prescriptions or repeat prescriptions for yourself, and we can keep your file on record so you can easily order again in the future.

Once we have your prescription ready, we will give you a text and you can come and collect or we will deliver to you. We offer free delivery within a 2km radius of the pharmacy. 

What are the benefits of ordering my prescription online?

Ordering online has two main benefits:

1) You save time – rather than having to drive into your nearest pharmacy, you can simply upload your prescription below (jpg, png or pdf) and we will begin preparing your prescription. We can then deliver to you.

2) You remain safe – understandable so, some people may not feel comfortable coming into contact with groups of people. Ordering your prescription online minimises your contact with people outside of your close circle, thus ensuring you remain safe and healthy.

How do I order my prescription online?

Ordering your prescription is completed in three easy steps:

1) Fill out the prescription form & upload your prescription below (jpeg, png or PDF)

2) Once we receive your order, we will process it within 30 minutes 

3) When your order is ready, we will text you and you can arrange to collect or we will deliver to you. 

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